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16 Styles

The very famous and timeless fashionable coated grain Madrid fabric allows all the shapes. Casual, it has been 30 years since it is approved by a large majority of our customers, at any age. This year, dynamic multicolored stripes match the blue color in reference to the beach and its deckchairs. The fine desert sand is included with the beige shade of this summer.

Gabriel See on the eshop

4 Styles

The rated best-seller line of the collection. The Paquetage renewed spirit : full-grain leather with a beautiful hand touch, raw edges, essential shapes, tasty colors. And inside, a girly pouch. Its brightness as well as its color contrasts with the simplicity of the main shapes. All the ingredients are here : it is THE bag !

Paco a rayures See on the eshop

6 Styles

This summer and navy version of Paco in striped polyester canvas will suit perfectly to the chic lovers of beach and palm trees. The concept of Paco line : a flat bag, convertible into a zipped tote, thanks to 2 great smart snaps : You shape the bag ! Available now with a removable shoulder strap and in XL size bag useful for the weekend, Paco is the friend that you need !

Johnny See on the eshop

1 Style

A tote for all uses, but chic above all ! Designed for the sport and specially for the water sports, Johnny line is embellished with the new Paquetage refined detail : a metallic white golden name plate, in which is engraved a funny definition of the brand. This XXL sized bag is sold with an XXS zipped pouch, specially designed for carrying the wet clothes after bathing. A bend by the market or the sports club is not forbidden !

Remi See on the eshop

4 Styles

2:00 AM, Ikebukuro area, Tokyo, Ayumi is running, its bag worn accross the body, looking for Rémi. But who is he? Rémi is a dynamic nylon line, perfect for travelling and living in the fast lane. To make long story short, it is offering up lightweight comfort, urban look, and practical bags with its functional variable-geometry pocket. Rémi colors, like fluorescent tubes, are covered with patent strips that underline the shapes. In bi-colored version, the touch of red illuminates the grison color, as traffic lights at night. More discreet, the plain black version is even more smart.