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Birth of # 42497 the Paquetage bucket bag and begins of the future success story of the brand, the BASIC line.


The brand creation

2 friends, a distributor and a manufacturer, unite their skills and build together a colored and affordable fashion bags line, in an ultra resistant coated grain material originally used to line luggage.The first products have such a success that they decide to create a brand : PAQUETAGE.


Paquetage at the Galeries Lafayette

Paquetage is selected by the Galeries Lafayette choose, and is displayed on Haussmann front store.


An intensive communication

Paquetage imposes its name and multiplies the operations of communication to become in a few years the 3rd most known brand of leather goods in France according to an opinion ordered by the Luxury industry.



Paquetage is in Hollywood : consecration of the Paquetage backpack designed in 1983 which obtains the 2nd role in the movie.


Paris - Osaka

Paquetage becomes "Kawaii" and settle down in 9691 km out of Paris to Osaka, Japan.


Glamour line

The Glamour line, 2nd Paquetage best-seller, is born. This Italian PU line will serve as an inspiration to many other brands.


Paquetage reinvents itself

Marie-Christine Frison joins the team, and takes charge of the collection.


50 years of History

The family flagship of 66, Temple street is renovated and becomes the Brand show-room, right in the middle of Le Marais area in Paris.


The Middle Kingdom

Paquetage opens 2 stores in China, for 1 341 133 000 inhabitants.


The basics

Revival, Paquetage redesigns its standards and creates Serge line (available in July 2013).


the future ?

Paquetage is taken over by the Qataris who hire Jean-Paul Gautier to reinforce the team (or not ?).